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Reminder: It’s Mother’s Day Soon!

Have you remembered it’s Mothers Day (UK) on Sunday 6th of March? Instead of giving your Mother an another bunch of over-priced flowers and large box of confectionery this year, why not completely surprise her by giving her a completely unique and extremely personal gift that will in turn get you major brownie points and prime place in her good books.

So here’s what you can do. But remember its a going to be a surprise so don’t tell anyone about it who can’t keep a secret ( in my family my Dad is the absolute worst!).

  • Step 1 – Like the younger incantation of yourself, go exploring through photo albums, shoe-boxes of random photos, and other nooks and crannies for the best image of your Mother you can find. Just pick a really good photo that means alot to her, i.e. your parents wedding day, holding you as a baby, or a great picture of your Mother as a child.
  • Step 2 – Send it to me here at ReClick Photo. In order to help you with your gift giving endeavours you must decide on what you wish to be done with your selected image. If your image has seen better days then I could restore it for you. If your image in in black and white, I could colour it for you. If you would like your mother to look her very best I can even retouch the image for you. What ever option you would like I am more than happy to help. For all methods of getting your image to me here at ReClick Photo, please visit my website at http://www.reclickphoto.co.uk. To ensure your image arrives to me quickly and safely please use my recommended method of scanning your image and send it via email to me at info@reclickphoto.co.uk. for a free no-obligation quote.
  • Step 3 – Once satisfied with the work completed and I have received payment, I will send your new image to you via email, where it is yours to do with as you wish! You could simply print of the image from your home printer or you could use one of the many companies out there to print it onto a wide range of things from a mug, to cushion. The choice is completely up to you!

Would you like to see an example of what I can do? I will show you as long as you keep it a secret, it’s for my Mother for Mothers day! Let’s take a look at the original image:

Mothers Day, Mum, girl, child, children, gift, present, restoration, recolouring, vintage.
Image before restoration and recolouring.

If I was to tell you how old this image, there is a slight chance that my Mother would hear about it, so for the sake of diplomacy I will describe it as being a few years old. As you can see, due to not being stored correctly it has suffered a little damage. So the first task is to rectify it.

After a little care and attention its time to bring this sepia image to life. In recolouring this image there is a few key areas that I believe need the most attention in order to successfully recolour an image.

  1. Skin – The most important area which need a lot of attention. Thinking that your skin is all one colour is wrong. Take a look at your own face in the mirror closely and you will see lots of variation in tone and texture. To replicate it digitally can be a little difficult but, when done correctly, it really makes your image. Just remember when you are ill you can usually tell by the colour of your skin, so getting the right colour is extremely important. My method of successful skin recolouring is to use a colour photo as a reference. It doesn’t have to be a photograph of the person you are retouching, it just has to be of someone with similar colouring. Like all good things, it take time and patience to complete.
  2. Eyes – Some would say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, for me they are one of the most important areas of a persons face. Like the skin the best way to approach recolouring the eyes is to use a reference photo. Do not take anything for granted, because what you think is not always what is there. For example what we describe as ‘the whites of the eyes’ are not pure brilliant white. Why not take a little time to examine your own eyes and try and pick out all the different colours you see.
  3. Hair – Hair comes in all shapes, colours and textures, so to recolour someone’s hair can be tricky. Yes you have guessed it, use a reference photo!  To successfully recolour hair, you have to retain its texture and shine. Just think of those shampoo commercials we see on TV!

Would you like to see the finished result?

Mothers Day, Mum, girl, child, children, gift, present, restoration, recolouring, vintage.
Image after restoration and recolouring.

So what do you think? Do you think my Mother will like it? As you can see above, once you successfully recolour the skin, eyes, and hair, then the hardest part is done. Recolouring the rest of the image is a much easier task as the most important areas are done.

So how do I select the colours to use in the rest of the recolouring work? Well there is a few ways in approaching this. Firstly you can use ask those who were in the photo at the time. But failing that you can either use their favourite colours, or the last resort use artistic licence. Here at ReClick Photo I will only recolour your image to your own specifications, but don’t worry if you have no idea what to do then is just tell me to use my initiative. But please don’t worry, if you are not satisfied I will change anything you don’t like and no payment is required until you are completely happy with the finished result.

Now with the project complete lets take a look at before and after image comparison.

Mothers Day, Mum, girl, child, children, gift, present, restoration, recolouring, vintage.
Before and after image comparison.

I hope this blog post has given you food for thought for your Mother’s Day gift this year. But if you are reading this from outside the UK then why not give your mother a gift to let her know how much she means to you – you don’t need to have a special day to do that. So what ever your imaging needs are please let me help! All you have to do is send me an email to info@reclickphoto.co.uk with your chosen image and let me see what I can do for you.

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.



Retouching: Look Spook-tacular for Halloween!

With Halloween nearly upon us I hope your preparations are going well. Whether you are young or old, Halloween is enjoyed by many people all over of the world.

If this year you do not have the time, or just simply can’t be bothered with dressing up, then don’t worry help is at hand! Here at ReClick Photo I can give you a spook-tacular digital makeover that you can share on your favourite social media sites or to hang on your wall at home to scare your family and friends! let’s take a look at an example of what I can do.

fashion girl pose smile hair advert
Girl before digital Halloween makeover

Here we have a free to use public domain image from http://www.pixabay.com. As you can see the subject is not really evoking the spirit of Halloween. What can I do to remedy this situation? Here is what I want to achieve with this project:

  1. Make the subject look like something synonymous with Halloween e.g. witch, werewolf, vampire etc.
  2. To ensure that the subject is still recognisable after retouching.

Would you like to see the finished result before I explained how I managed to achieved it?

fashion girl witch halloween scary spooky retouching pose smile hair advert
Girl after Halloween makeover.

What do you think? Certainly a transformation! Here is how I achieved it:

  1. Firstly I reduced the size of some the features of the girls face, i.e. the nose, point of her chin, etc. to make them look sharper.
  2. I then lengthened her chin and pushed in the sides of her face, making a more sculptured face.
  3. To achieve a more witch-like appearance, I then started to recolour certain areas of the image such as her face, arms, hands, and hair in various shades of green, grey and black.
  4. To brake up the smoothness of the subjects skin I applied a little texture to it to give the illusion of blemishes, spots, etc.
  5. For the eyes to really stand out, I decided to recolour them a bright red so they would contrast strongly with the green of the skin.
  6. Finally I flipped the image so it would be a mirror image of the original. The reason to do so was so I could use both the original and retouched images together, giving an impression of good and evil.

Would you like to see the finished comparison image?

advert girl witch scary spooky hair beauty girl smile Halloween
Halloween makeover before and after comparison.

In order to look totally fang-tastic for Halloween why not send me an image of your choice for a free quote. Starting from as little as £9.99, you can have your spook-tacular image in time for Oct 31st.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, if you would like more information about ReClick Photo’s Halloween Digital Makeover Service please click here – http://www.reclickphoto.co.uk/halloween-makeover.html.

Remember time is running out – This service ends October 31st! Don’t miss out!

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

Fashion Faux Pas Part 1 – Makeup.

How many times have we all decided to try out something different? Whether its is a change of hairstyle, a new make up look, or a different style of clothing? In the end on how many occasions have we looked at photographs of ourselves with our new look and wondered what on earth were we thinking?

Over the next few blog post I’m going to show you how here at ReClick Photo I can help. Todays post is all about makeup.

Athough I am a guy, and not someone who wears makeup (well maybe just a few times when going to fancy dress parties!), I know when someone has made a makeup disaster. Let’s take a look at our image:

As you may have guessed this is not me in fancy dress, it is an image I found on my favourite stock image website http://www.pixabay.com.  It is a public domain image which can be used for commercial purposes. Here is the is the link to it : https://pixabay.com/en/young-woman-makeup-model-beauty-687444/.

The lady shown above is modelling a rather distinctive makeup look. As it may not to be to some peoples taste, I thought I would demonstrate how here at ReClick Photo I can give you a digital makeover! Let’s get started.

This is what I want to achieve with this project:

  • Create a much more natural makeup look.
  • Only retouch the makeup, and no alterations to be made to the models facial features.
Image retouched.
Image retouched.

What do you think? I thought that it would be a good idea to create a look that was the opposite of the image above. I wanted to show how the model would look with her make up applied in neutral tones.
So how did I mange to achieve it? First step was to remove the brightly coloured makeup, in other words a digital washing of the face. Next step was to work on the new look.  Working from the existing facial skin tones, I started to build up the neutral colours, digitally reapplying the makeup. I then amended the colour of the models jewellery in order for them to complement her new look. With a small levels adjustment the image was finished.

As you can see, here at ReClick Photo we are here to help with any fashion faux pas caught on camera. Over the next few blog posts you will see that it’s not only makeup disasters that we can help you with, so please stay tuned.

If you have any images that you wished to be given a digital makeover, then please dont hesitate in contacting me  at info@reclickphoto.co.uk. No matter how bad the the faux pas is, we are here to help.  Don’t worry I will not judge, I grew up in the 1980’s – the decade in which I discovered hair gel and sported multicoloured tracksuits. Need I say more?

Thanks for Reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

P.S. Remember to stay tuned for our next thrilling instalment!

Wedding: old memories brought to life.

Continuing with the theme of weddings, here at ReClick Photo we thought we would like to highlight that it is not only contemporary photographs that can be edited and/or enhanced. Photographs from personal family archives are extremely precious items, especially those of our ancestors. Today we are very fortunate in the fact that if we wish for a photograph to be taken then, for most of us the technology is right at our finger tips. In days gone by, photography was an extremely expensive process and was out of reach of most people, so any photographs that were taken were treasured even more then than they are now. With an ever growing interest in family genealogy, images of our ancestors are extremely important as it can bring all the information that you find from various records to life. Due to the expense of photography in the past it was only on very special occasions that families could afford a photograph to be taken. One of those occasions would be at a wedding. Here is an example of a Victorian wedding photograph:

Victorian bride and groom
Victorian bride and groom

When you look at photograph,  like this and compare them to modern wedding photographs, it is only then that you notice how much things have changed. Although the ritual of getting married has never changed, attitudes, fashions, and the way we celebrate the union definitely have. What can we do to enhance this photograph?

victorian bride and groom recoloured
victorian bride and groom recoloured

What do you think? In terms of enhancing the original photograph we decided to recolour it. The process of removing colour from a photograph is an extremely simple one. Adding colour however, is a more difficult task. The main objective in recolouring a black and white photograph is to keep it realistic. Although bright pink hair (as well as lots of other colours) are fashionable today, 100 years ago it wasn’t heard of. When you send an image to us here at ReClick Photo for recolouring, we will ask you for prompts regarding the general appearance of those in the photograph such as, hair colour, eye colour, colour of clothing etc. Please don’t worry if you do not have that information, we can use our own judgement to complete the process. Once completed and you are not satisfied with the colours chosen please let us know and we will make adjustments. With all our work here at ReClick Photo, we will only request payment when you are 100% happy with our work. The image we selected for this project is in the public domain and we did not have any prompts in terms of colour, so we used our our initiative.

Why not look out some of your own treasured photographs from your family’s history scan them and send them to us? If your treasured items need restored, retouched or even recoloured, here at ReClick Photo we are here to help.

Please feel free to contact us at info@reclickphoto.co.uk, or visit our website at http://www.reclickphoto.co.uk for more Information.

Thanks for reading!
ReClick Photo.