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In Need of a Splash of Colour

Our family archives of precious objects and old photographs are a treasure trove of memories from yesteryear. Today I would like to share another photo from our family albums with you so I can show you what I can do here at ReClick Photo to bring it to life. let’s take a look.

Retouching image editing photograph vintage old 1970s couple
The Photograph of My Gran and Grandpa before Recolouring.

Out of all the images we have, this is one of my favourites of my Gran and Grandpa. It really captures the spirit of them both, especially my grandpa. He is, and always has been a bit of a character. When looking at old photos of himself he usually points at himself and says “who’s that handsome chap, he looks a lot like Robert Mitchum.” In truth, I think he bears a strong resemblance to the British comic actor Terry Scott! This image was taken in the 1970’s at one of my Grandpas works parties held by Andrew Barclay Sons & Co, the locomotive builder and engineering workshop in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

Many times I find myself taking a picture and turning it into black and white because I feel that the image is best suited without any colour. Today, colour photography is the norm, so when it comes to recolouring images it is only usually older photographs that need to be done. In my opinion, not all images are suitable for effective recolouring. Please don’t misunderstand me, you can recolour any image you please, but for it to be truly effective some black and white images are better candidates than others. I have seen many attempts of recolouring, sadly not all favourable. It can be a lengthy process, but when completed successfully it can be well worth the time and effort put into it. When looking again at this image I felt that the expressions on both of their faces are really quite colourful, even in black in white! This image is, in my eyes, is a prime candidate for recolouring. Would you like to see the finished result before I explained how I achieved it?

Retouching image editing photograph vintage old 1970s couple
The Photograph of My Gran and Grandpa after Recolouring.

What do you think? Personally I think it really highlights the sense of fun that you can see on my Gran and Grandpas faces. So what steps did I have to take to achieve this result?

  1. When working with any image editing software, work like this is always carried out on a series of layers. The most important one in this project is the colour adjustment layer.
  2. To begin I cleaned up the original image by removing the dust, scratches, marks etc.
  3. I then selected an other image to use as a colour reference so I could recolour the skin tones effectively. Recolouring the skin is the most important aspect of recolouring an image with people in it , because if peoples skin doesn’t look right then no matter how hard you work at the image the rest of it will not look right.
  4. After retouching the skin, I move on to the hair, again drawing reference from the colour reference image.
  5. My attention then went to the clothing. In some case recolouring clothing can be quite simple, but as you can see in this case it was a laborious task. When clothes have a pattern each part of that pattern needs to be recoloured separately. As you can imagine to recolour this highly patterned skirt took time. Needless to say I did have to stop for a break and a cup of tea halfway through as I could feel my eyes going a little fuzzy! but I hope you agree, it was definitely worth the effort.
  6. Now the hardest part was over, the only thing left to do was the background. Sadly I didn’t know what the colour of the flooring or the wall was, so I decided to use colours that would complement the other elements of the image.
  7. To finish the image I applied a few adjustment such as brightness/contrast, vibrance, levels etc.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this recolouring project. If you have any treasured photographs that you would like to recoloured just like the image featured in this post please email me with your image to info@reclickphoto.co.uk for a free no obligation quote. recolouring old images can be a great gift idea for family and friends, so why not treat someone you know! Here at ReClick Photo I want to give you the image that your treasured memories truly deserve. For more information about ReClick Photo and the work that I do please visit the website at http://www.reclickphoto.co.uk.

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

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Snap shots of time: our treasured memories.

Most people have their own personal archive of treasured possessions whether they are photographs, heirlooms, or even children’s drawings. Although all the objects in our collections are treasured there is a few that are exceptionally precious. In this post I will share with you an extremely prized object from our family’s personal collection.

Photograph of Gran and Papa
Photograph of Gran and Papa c.1958

This is a photograph is of my Gran and Grandpa when they were dating taken around 1958. Believe it or not my Gran is only 19 and my Grandpa is 22 years old! This was a world without mobile phones, internet dating sites and speed dating. what is captured here is what a lot of couples did in the 1950’s in our home town of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. On Sunday afternoons couples would meet and walk, arms linked, up and down King Street, before going for tea, and depending on what was happening later, would go to the cinema to see was was showing on the big screen. Things are so much different now. This image captures a happy moment from my Gran and Grandpas past; before they were married, had a family, and before I, their oldest Grandson was born. This two dimensional object brings this moment from the past it into the future so we can experience that time with them. Now we are going to give this photograph the care it deserves.

Photograph of Gran and Papa restored
Photograph of Gran and Papa restored

As you can see all the scrapes and scores are all removed. This photograph was taken in an age before digital technology so we are never going to have a crisp clear high definition image no matter what we do to restore it. But to be honest, with this image we would not want that anyway. Old photographs have a charm and an atmosphere all of their own, and we believe this really should not be altered. The restoration process should deal only with damage that the photograph has suffered in the period of time it was taken till present day. We at Reclick Photo will do everything we can do to return your photograph back to almost its original condition.  Below is a comparison of the images before and after restoration:

Gran and Papa comparison
Before and after comparison

This project is extremely close to my family’s heart, as in December My Gran, featured in this photograph sadly passed away at the age of 76. All of our memories of her are extremely precious and they serve us all as reminders of the time we had with her. When a loved one has gone,our memories are all we have of them. Those we have lost, need not be forgotten, it is up to us to keep their memory alive.

If you have any treasured photographs that you would like restored like the image above, please contact us by sending the photograph to us at info@reclickphoto.co.uk or visit http://www.reclickphoto.co.uk for other options and more information.

reclick poster

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.