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#PhotoFriday: Anyone for Cake?

Happy #PhotoFriday everyone! To celebrate the return of one of Britian’s most loved to Programmes, The Great British Bake Off, I thought that it would be fitting to have a culinary inspired image for this weeks image.

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Anyone for Cake?

A cup of tea and a biscuit or slice of cake is integral to our national identity. Like all our different counties and varying accents what we enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee varies from place to place. Not only does this custom ease our hunger in between meal times, it is a source of comfort after a difficult day, or during a sad time. It serves as a token of hospitally as people visit your home, often this is when the nice cups, and more expensive biscuits make an appearance. Sometimes if time persists before hand a little home-baking is done in advance to show that a conscious effort has been made for a guests arrival. So whether is a quick cup of tea and a rich tea busicuit out a packet, or a cappuccino and a large slice of carrot cake from your favourite coffee shop, taking a short break from your day to enjoy something nice is never a bad thing.

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Hugh at ReClick Photo.