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Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday! Just to let you know that over the next couple of days we are going to be scaling back social media profiles. There are many various platforms out there and with growing time restraints we have decided to scale back slightly and concentrate on updating fewer of our social media profiles more regularly.

ReClick Photo profiles which will be retired are:


We will be formulating a regular posting schedule so you will know where and when new updates and content will be added.

This is the start of some exciting changes here at ReClick Photo so please look out for further updates over the next couple of weeks!



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Yes you guessed it, I was on my holidays again!! But don’t worry this trip has filled the ReClick Photo pool so much that there will be enough material to keep #PhotoFriday going for the next couple of years! As I have mention before I always shoot images in Raw Format so every image is processed individually so all these new images, combined with all the other images I have taken this year has created a vast ReClick Photo stockpile! In order to give you a tiny preview of my latest images (the rest of them you will see in the coming months) I am going to share an extremely special image of mine which captures a moment I have been waiting for all my life. Today’s #PhotoFriday image is of the Secession Building, Vienna, Austria.

Art Nouveau, decorative arts, Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffman, Koloman Moser, Joseph Olbrich, Vienna, Austria, architecture, gold, city, landmark, Europe
The Secession Building, Vienna.

Ever since I new what art truly was, I have known about the Secession and those who created and inhabited it. All throughout my secondary school education and then later on to art school, I learned all about the great secessionists such as the Great Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann, Otto Wagner, Egon Shiele, Joseph Olbrich, Koloman Moser etc. Through time these great artists became my own personal creative heroes.

On Friday the 1st of June 2016, I finally had to chance to stand on the steps of the great Secession Building which is situated near Karlsplatz, Vienna. Looking up I was so overwhelmed by what I saw. For at least the past two decades I looked at various images of this building but to be there, to take it all in, to touch its wall with my hands was a dream come true.

Above the magnificent entrance in bright gilded lettering is the phrase which is synonymous with the secession movement “Der Ziet ihre Kunst. Der Kunst ihre Frieheit,” which translates to “To every age its art. To every art its freedom.”

These great artists believed that there should be no barrier between art forms. Their belief was in the gesamtkunstwerk or the total work of art. This means an art work encompassing all types of art forms. A great example of this is the Palais Stoclet in Brussels where every thing was designed and created to form a total work of art. From the architecture, to the paintings inside, right down to the egg cups and teaspoons.

This image, along with the others I took that day are a great reminder of the day my dream came true, and I hope you enjoy looking at the image just as much as I enjoyed taking it.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your #PhotoFriday!

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.


Happy #PhotoFriday everyone! Today’s instalment is an image I kept back from my recent post about my trip to the Canadian Nation Vimy memorial in France earlier this year. It features a view of its pair of Seget limestone pylons, and the figure of Canada Bereft (also known as Mother Canada) looking downwards.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Black and White, monochrome, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
View of the Canadian National Vimy memorial, France.

Have a great weekend!

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Canadian National Vimy Monument

I had the great honour of visiting the Canadian National Vimy Monument during a tour of First World War battle sites back in April the year. This post is the beginning of a number First World War related posts all cross ReClick Photos social media profiles, and items on the website. Since 2014 there have been many centenaries commemorating the many battles and other event of the First World War. These commemorations are still on going, and will continue to do so over the coming years.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Black and White, monochrome, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
The National Canadian Vimy Monument, France.

This magnificent monument stands as a memorial to those 11,285 Canadians who were tragically killed in France and whose final resting place is still unknown. Located on the highest point of Vimy ridge, Hill 145, the memorial stands aloft a 100 acre site in which France granted the use of this section of the ridge in recognition of all that Canada did for them during the war. The only condition placed upon them was that the land was to be used to build a monument to those Canadian which fought and died during the First World War and take on the full responsibility of looking after the monument and the surrounding land. It was during the Battle of Vimy Ridge that all four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force worked as a whole for the first time, and their success of managing to help capture the ridge from the enemy forces became a source of great pride for the people of Canada.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Black and White, monochrome, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
View of the names inscribed on the wall of the memorial.

In 1920 the Imperial War Graves Commission had granted the Canadian Government three sites in Belgium and five sites in France to built memorials to those who bravely served their country. Later that year the Canadian Battlefields Memorials Commission was formed who decided to open a architectural design competition in which all Canadian architects, artists, designers, and sculptors could submit a design for a national memorial. Out of 160 designs were submitted to the jury for selection, 17 were selected for further consideration.

View of the the memorials two pylons, and the statue of Canada Bereft.
View of the memorials two pylons, and the statue of Canada Bereft.

At this stage of the process, the finalists were asked to produce a plaster model of their proposed design. The Commission decided that both submissions by Frederick Chapman Clemesha, and Walter Seymour Allward were going to be realised. It wasn’t until October 1921, that the design by the Toronto based sculptor and designer Walter Seymour Allward was hailed as the winner of the competition, and Clelmesha’s had been selected as the runner-up.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Black and White, monochrome, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
Canada Bereft, also known as Mother Canada.

In early 1922, Allward started his preparations for moving to Europe. After spending a few months looking for a suitable studio, he eventually settled in London. For the next two years he searched for the right stone to construct his design. He did eventually find it near Seget Croatia. His choice was Seget Limestone which was found at an ancient Roman quarry. The quarrying and logistical process to move the stone to site was a mammoth task and wasn’t completed until 1931.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
The Spirit of Sacrifice located in between the memorials pylons.

Once the foundation was complete work could begin. Allward produced half size plaster models in his studio in London and the sculptors used these to carve the 20 human figures on site. A temporary studio was created around each figure which was carved from a large block of stone.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
View of the female Morning Parent.

The foundation for this memorial alone consisted of eleven thousand tonnes of reinforced concrete. the pylons and limestone base is constructed with nearly six thousand tonnes of Seget Limestone, all of which had to be transported from Croatia.

France, architecture, sculpture, landmark, WWI, First World War, History, Black and White, monochrome, Vimy, Battle of Vimy Ridge.
View of the male Mourning Parent.

Visiting this monument was such a overwhelming experience that I will never forget. Its size and grand scale, for me, symbolises the great sacrifice those brave souls made for their King and country. It is a place of reflection, contemplation, and remembrance.

We are now over one hundred years on from the beginning of the First World War, and even now thousands of men lay undiscovered. It was a war in which the world was changed forever. We are now living in age where there are no surviving veterans from World War I, it is now our responsibility to keep their memories alive. Their sacrifice and bravery cannot, and must not be forgotten.

Thanks for reading

Hugh at ReClick Photo.



It’s that time of week again, Happy #PhotoFriday everyone! Today’s offering is an image of an abstract sculpture designed by Thomas Heatherwick installed at Paternoster Square.

Sculpture, London, City, urban, Thomas Heatherwick, sculpture, art, architcture.
The Paternoster Vents by Thomas Heatherwick.

This sculpture has a dual purpose, as well as providing a striking piece of modern sculpture for us to admire, it also serves as Ventilation for an underground electrical substation below!

If you think the name Thomas Heatherwick sound familiar, he was responsible for designing the quite outstanding Olympic Cauldron for the Olympic games held in London in 2012. I strongly recommend that you take a look at his other works, he is truly a design superstar!

If you like this image and you would like to see some more, why not take a look at my 500px profile (https://500px.com/reclickphoto) where you can licence my images for re-use!

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

Coming soon at ReClick Photo

I thought I would just take this opportunity to say hello and tell you everything that has been happening at ReClick photo as well as what i have planned for the future.


After a couple of trips away over the past couple of months I have a few full SD Cards full of raw images waiting to be processed! So please keep an eye on my 500px profile (https://500px.com/reclickphoto) for all the my latest images as they are processed and uploaded. Remember it’s #photofriday every Friday here at ReClick Photo where I showcase a different photo taken by me every week, so check out this blog or my social media profiles for the latest edition.

I very rarely leave home without my camera so you can look forward to many more images to come from me in the future.

Photo Restoration and Retouching

Repairing and bringing the best out of your photos is right at the centre of ReClick Photo. So whether you wish to bring an old damaged family photo, or you need an image retouched for professional purposes than here at ReClick Photo we are here to help. Our restoring and retouching services have been now improved by the addition of printing services up to size A4! I am currently looking into printing services where you can have your newly restored or retouching images printed on to various mediums and at various sizes so please watch this space!

Digital Art and Illustration

Over the past few weeks, I’m my spare time, I have been doodling away in my sketch pad practicing my pen and ink techniques. At the moment I am currently working on a range of illustrated letters. All 25 letters of the alphabet will be available for you to buy printed in a range of mediums and sizes. Once they are available to purchase I will promote them through all our social media profiles.

As well as illustrated letters I am also working on new ways to incorporate my new found love for pen and ink drawing into my photography, to create original digital art. So please look out for these in the future.

Developing a ReClick Photo Shopping Experience 

Today it is possible to get images on to a whole plethora of different objects from a stretched canvas to a mobile phone cover. So very soon I will be expanding the ReClick Photo experience so that you will be able to buy a whole range of products printed with original ReClick Photo images, illustrations and digital art. Some of these products include, greetings cards, bags, cushions, canvases, and many more. More information will be available soon!

I hope that you will be excited about all these changes and additions to ReClick Photo in the future just as much as I am. So watch this space!

Form more information about ReClick Photo and the work that I do please visit my website at http://www.reclickphoto.co.uk.

Thanks for Reading.

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