Reminder: It’s Mother’s Day Soon!

Have you remembered it’s Mothers Day (UK) on Sunday 6th of March? Instead of giving your Mother an another bunch of over-priced flowers and large box of confectionery this year, why not completely surprise her by giving her a completely unique and extremely personal gift that will in turn get you major brownie points and prime place in her good books.

So here’s what you can do. But remember its a going to be a surprise so don’t tell anyone about it who can’t keep a secret ( in my family my Dad is the absolute worst!).

  • Step 1 – Like the younger incantation of yourself, go exploring through photo albums, shoe-boxes of random photos, and other nooks and crannies for the best image of your Mother you can find. Just pick a really good photo that means alot to her, i.e. your parents wedding day, holding you as a baby, or a great picture of your Mother as a child.
  • Step 2 – Send it to me here at ReClick Photo. In order to help you with your gift giving endeavours you must decide on what you wish to be done with your selected image. If your image has seen better days then I could restore it for you. If your image in in black and white, I could colour it for you. If you would like your mother to look her very best I can even retouch the image for you. What ever option you would like I am more than happy to help. For all methods of getting your image to me here at ReClick Photo, please visit my website at To ensure your image arrives to me quickly and safely please use my recommended method of scanning your image and send it via email to me at for a free no-obligation quote.
  • Step 3 – Once satisfied with the work completed and I have received payment, I will send your new image to you via email, where it is yours to do with as you wish! You could simply print of the image from your home printer or you could use one of the many companies out there to print it onto a wide range of things from a mug, to cushion. The choice is completely up to you!

Would you like to see an example of what I can do? I will show you as long as you keep it a secret, it’s for my Mother for Mothers day! Let’s take a look at the original image:

Mothers Day, Mum, girl, child, children, gift, present, restoration, recolouring, vintage.
Image before restoration and recolouring.

If I was to tell you how old this image, there is a slight chance that my Mother would hear about it, so for the sake of diplomacy I will describe it as being a few years old. As you can see, due to not being stored correctly it has suffered a little damage. So the first task is to rectify it.

After a little care and attention its time to bring this sepia image to life. In recolouring this image there is a few key areas that I believe need the most attention in order to successfully recolour an image.

  1. Skin – The most important area which need a lot of attention. Thinking that your skin is all one colour is wrong. Take a look at your own face in the mirror closely and you will see lots of variation in tone and texture. To replicate it digitally can be a little difficult but, when done correctly, it really makes your image. Just remember when you are ill you can usually tell by the colour of your skin, so getting the right colour is extremely important. My method of successful skin recolouring is to use a colour photo as a reference. It doesn’t have to be a photograph of the person you are retouching, it just has to be of someone with similar colouring. Like all good things, it take time and patience to complete.
  2. Eyes – Some would say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, for me they are one of the most important areas of a persons face. Like the skin the best way to approach recolouring the eyes is to use a reference photo. Do not take anything for granted, because what you think is not always what is there. For example what we describe as ‘the whites of the eyes’ are not pure brilliant white. Why not take a little time to examine your own eyes and try and pick out all the different colours you see.
  3. Hair – Hair comes in all shapes, colours and textures, so to recolour someone’s hair can be tricky. Yes you have guessed it, use a reference photo!  To successfully recolour hair, you have to retain its texture and shine. Just think of those shampoo commercials we see on TV!

Would you like to see the finished result?

Mothers Day, Mum, girl, child, children, gift, present, restoration, recolouring, vintage.
Image after restoration and recolouring.

So what do you think? Do you think my Mother will like it? As you can see above, once you successfully recolour the skin, eyes, and hair, then the hardest part is done. Recolouring the rest of the image is a much easier task as the most important areas are done.

So how do I select the colours to use in the rest of the recolouring work? Well there is a few ways in approaching this. Firstly you can use ask those who were in the photo at the time. But failing that you can either use their favourite colours, or the last resort use artistic licence. Here at ReClick Photo I will only recolour your image to your own specifications, but don’t worry if you have no idea what to do then is just tell me to use my initiative. But please don’t worry, if you are not satisfied I will change anything you don’t like and no payment is required until you are completely happy with the finished result.

Now with the project complete lets take a look at before and after image comparison.

Mothers Day, Mum, girl, child, children, gift, present, restoration, recolouring, vintage.
Before and after image comparison.

I hope this blog post has given you food for thought for your Mother’s Day gift this year. But if you are reading this from outside the UK then why not give your mother a gift to let her know how much she means to you – you don’t need to have a special day to do that. So what ever your imaging needs are please let me help! All you have to do is send me an email to with your chosen image and let me see what I can do for you.

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.


Beauty: The Art of Retouching.

How many times have we looked at an image of ourselves and started to think about what you wish could be altered, whether it is to remove some unsightly blemishes, change the colour of an article of clothing, or even fix an unruly head of hair. How many images of major events in our lives have been tarnished by an unsightly problem. Here at ReClick Photo we are always here to help. Would you like to see an example of what we can do? let’s take a look at an image before retouching.

girl, Beauty, retouching, portrait, face, flower, photography, photoshop, photo editing, photo manipulation
Original image before retouching

As you can see from the image above they are a few imperfections that here at ReClick Photo can rectify through image retouching. Personally I think this a lovely photograph, but I can understand why someone would like some alterations to the image. So with this photograph I decided to give you an example of what a complete retouching experience would look like here at ReClick Photo. Here are a list of objectives I wish to complete in this project.

  1. Remove all blemishes, spots and freckles from the models skin.
  2. Tidy up stray hairs from the models forehead.
  3. Tidy up the models eye-brows.
  4. Change the colour of the flower in the models hair in order to compliment her make-up.
  5. Reduce the size of the models nose slightly and increase the size of her eyes a little.
  6. Emphasize the colour of the models eyes and build up the shadows and highlights on her face.

Would you like to see the finished result?

girl, Beauty, retouching, portrait, face, flower, photography, photoshop, photo editing, photo manipulation
Image after retouching

What do you think? I hope you agree that there is a marked difference between both of these images, although each of them have their merits. It is merely a matter of preference of which we may like or dislike.

Please note that this is an example of a complete image retouch from ReClick Photo.  I can retouch anything from just a single spot on your chin to an example illustrated above.

After completing all the objectives listed above I decided to then darken the edges of the image slightly and and apply a blur to everything in the image except the main features of the face. My intention in doing so was to finish the project by drawing further attention to the main area of the models face.  Let’s now take a look at a comparison of both images to compare the difference in both images.

girl, Beauty, retouching, portrait, face, flower, photography, photoshop, photo editing, photo manipulation
Before and after retouching comparison

Image retouching can be carried out on personal images as well as those intended for professional and publication purposes. Here at ReClick Photo I would be delighted to assist you in all your image retouching needs. Please feel free to contact me via my email at for a no obligation quote.

For more information on ReClick Photo and the work I do, please visit my website at

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

My Funny Valentine

With the sales of red roses and large boxes of chocolates set to go through the roof over the next week in time for Valentine’s Day, have you ever thought of surprising that special someone in your life with a totally different and comically funny valentines gift?

This year for Valentine’s Day, why not take a special photograph of you and send it to me here at ReClick Photo, and for the small sum of £5.99 I can perform a digital face-swap, and send the finished result straight back to your inbox for you to then do with as you wish. Let’s take a look at a demonstration of what I could do.

couple romantic love valentines day happy photograph
Original image before retouching.
Featured above is my choice of image from my favourite free-to-use public domain image website, As you can see, this image is perfect for a face swap, as both people are looking straight at the camera. For best results we need both of the faces to be looking in the same direction. Let’s take a look at the finished result than I can tell you how it was done.

valentines day valentine couple romance retouching gift present photograph
Example of a photograph that has been given the ReClick Photo Face-Swap treatment.
What do you think? An Image like this will make everyone laugh, it will certainly be a talking point! To achieve this I first loaded the original image into my image-editing software where I carefully selected both faces and made a copy of them. Next I superimposed the faces onto its new body. Once positioned, I began to blend the faces into the existing heads. This meant blending the two skin tones, blending the new face with the existing hairline and ears etc. The main objective is to make it look as realistic as possible.

To give an image of your choice the ReClick Photo Face-Swap treatment all you have to do is send your images to me via email to and I will start the transformation!  I all I ask is that you make sure that both people in the image are looking in the same direction. The finished image will be sent to you directly via email where it will be yours to do what ever you wish with it! Please note you will not be asked for payment until you are satisfied with the transformation. Upon receiving payment your final higher resolution image will be emailed to you directly.

For only £5.99 you can surprise your loved one with a thoroughly amusing and completely different valentines gift this year! Times running out so please contact me soon so not to be disappointed! Please bear in mind that this is not only a great gift for Valentines Day it would be a fantastic gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary etc.

For more information about ReClick Photo and the work that I do, please visit the website at

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo