It’s beardmas! 

As a little bit of a pogonophile (definition: one who loves, or studies beards), and a proud bearer of a beard myself, I wanted to work on a project that would feature it.  After a few minutes an idea came to mind that made me giggle.

What if I could superimpose an image of my beard today onto a beardless picture of the past, preferable one of me as a kid? As you can imagine I delved back into the family photo archive to find the perfect picture. Do you want to see the finished result?

me and me monkey

As you can see this image was not taken yesterday. It was taken around the time Back to the Future was first out in cinemas – yes I am really that old! You will be glad to hear that I do not wear a similar outfit when I walk down the high street of my town. It was the 1980’s and people definitely had a different sense of style, especially my mother!

The original photograph was a really small one, so when scanning it I did so at a high resolution In order to get the most of the detail in the image. I then superimposed, and scaled down the size of my modern day beard and applied a few adjustments in order for it to fit on to my younger face. Once satisfied I adjusted various levels such as colour, contrast, noise etc to blend it satisfactorily into the older image. To finish I adjusted the size and resolution of the image so that I would ready for printing.

This is a prime example of the power of image retouching, and photo manipulation. Through these methods you can create stunning works of art, as when as images that are simply fun!

So if you have a bearded man in your life that you would like to surprise them with a unique gift this Christmas, why not contact me via email to with two images, one past the other present, and I will give you a free no obligation quote. Your finished image will be sent to you via email for you to use however you like! You could print it on a t-shirt, mount it into a frame, even set it as your profile picture on social media – it’s completely up to you!

When it comes to retouching and photo manipulation, the world is our oyster. So whether you would like to superimpose your older face on to you as a baby, or you would like to swap the faces over on a wedding photo (you could see what your husband would look like as a blushing bride!) then please contact me at and let me see what I can do for you, why not test me, I love a challenge!

For more information on the work that I do here at ReClick Photo then please visit my website at

Thanks for reading!

Hugh @ ReClick Photo.