victorian bride and groom

Wedding: old memories brought to life.

Continuing with the theme of weddings, here at ReClick Photo we thought we would like to highlight that it is not only contemporary photographs that can be edited and/or enhanced. Photographs from personal family archives are extremely precious items, especially those of our ancestors. Today we are very fortunate in the fact that if we wish for a photograph to be taken then, for most of us the technology is right at our finger tips. In days gone by, photography was an extremely expensive process and was out of reach of most people, so any photographs that were taken were treasured even more then than they are now. With an ever growing interest in family genealogy, images of our ancestors are extremely important as it can bring all the information that you find from various records to life. Due to the expense of photography in the past it was only on very special occasions that families could afford a photograph to be taken. One of those occasions would be at a wedding. Here is an example of a Victorian wedding photograph:

Victorian bride and groom
Victorian bride and groom

When you look at photograph,  like this and compare them to modern wedding photographs, it is only then that you notice how much things have changed. Although the ritual of getting married has never changed, attitudes, fashions, and the way we celebrate the union definitely have. What can we do to enhance this photograph?

victorian bride and groom recoloured
victorian bride and groom recoloured

What do you think? In terms of enhancing the original photograph we decided to recolour it. The process of removing colour from a photograph is an extremely simple one. Adding colour however, is a more difficult task. The main objective in recolouring a black and white photograph is to keep it realistic. Although bright pink hair (as well as lots of other colours) are fashionable today, 100 years ago it wasn’t heard of. When you send an image to us here at ReClick Photo for recolouring, we will ask you for prompts regarding the general appearance of those in the photograph such as, hair colour, eye colour, colour of clothing etc. Please don’t worry if you do not have that information, we can use our own judgement to complete the process. Once completed and you are not satisfied with the colours chosen please let us know and we will make adjustments. With all our work here at ReClick Photo, we will only request payment when you are 100% happy with our work. The image we selected for this project is in the public domain and we did not have any prompts in terms of colour, so we used our our initiative.

Why not look out some of your own treasured photographs from your family’s history scan them and send them to us? If your treasured items need restored, retouched or even recoloured, here at ReClick Photo we are here to help.

Please feel free to contact us at, or visit our website at for more Information.

Thanks for reading!
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